Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something worth saying

So, its been a while since i posted something. Been a slow week, and actually havent played RoM all that much this week, so i havent had anything worth saying. That is till last night. No big story today, no crazy adventures filled with death and dismemberment. No, today is all about me bragging, for today Majyst has over 40k HPs Unbuffed.
Yes, I know its not a huge event for many other end game classes, but for a Warden i think high HPs is a little harder with out sacraficing some serious DPS which I didnt. See, Wardens have to stat Stam, Str, and Wis, especcially warden/mage. which are huge mana eaters. Most classes such Warrior only have to stat Stam and str, or p attk which goes for all physical classes. So they are able to stack Stam and HPs more than a Warden. Whichs make me rather proud to finally crack that 40k mark :)

Now to show off my self buffed hps.

and the buffs i used to achieve this:
Here we see Hero potion, Grassland Mix, Absorbed oak dude, and the unseen buff from my trusty pet "Smellslikepoo". Im sure with some Rhinos blood and Priestly buffs i could get closer to 70k.

And if your curious, my over all stats:
Not too bad for a warden, huh?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Im Fabulous!

I admit, I like to change my cloths a lot, i mean a lot. I’ve bought every interesting costume in the game at some point. Aztec, Neon green clown suit, red bondage gear, the Wedding suit you've seen me in before, etc. So, when the guild decided to go do the Tempest heights event a couple days in a row I ended up with six of those Illusory Hair chest. The next day I was tanking DoD First boss when i hear one of our priest Baelzebub had been convinced by his wife to change his hair with one of these things and he ended up with flowing blue hair, I just couldn’t resist the urge to change my Hair too. So, with one click of the mouse I went from a vibrant set of red hair to spiky pink hair with 3 little pony tail things.
I just couldn’t Help myself, i had to go and change the color of my suit.
May I present, the Fabulous pink Majyst.

Many comments where then made in fun about my sexual orientation at this point. Thanks guild, now I’m afraid to leave the sewers and be seen in public like this. I'll change my hair a few times more over the next few days, then dye my suit to a more acceptable color. I’m thinking orange and green.
Now the question is, are you more shocked I would do this to my character, or that a Warden could ever Tank DoD?

Friday, October 8, 2010


So, there I was in the middle of the Sley Farms helping to pick the Blaze weeds from the local farmers fields. Then a kindly old man ask me to help water and fertilize their freshly planted crops. The nice elf that I am I threw my back into it and went to work. I’m just that nice of a guy. then again I did just stand there and watch a bunch of wild birds come swarming in and kill the farmer, but its not my fault they asked me to fertilize, not protect them.
However, that’s not really the kind of farming I’m here to talk about today. No, my day of farming included a lot more destruction with a smidge of elficide.
I found myself at the Elven Sanctuary merrily hewing my way through one elf after another, then i look down at one poor chap laying at my feet.
An elven Warden lay dead at my feet. Is this what its come too? Are wardens so disposable that even I am putting them out of their misery with a mighty blow of my axe? Is this why there are so few of us left? Wardens join up with the sanctuary only to be put down by the freelance mercenaries of our world.
These thoughts bothered me for a few moments before I looted the poor guy for his precious activate rune. Of course, to add insult to injury I’m pretty sure my pet "Smellslikepoo" is standing on his head tea bagging him. I wonder where he learned that....
Moving on I continued to mow down one elf after another till I noticed a fair maiden must have walked too close and accidentally gotten in the way of my axe.

When I turned her over, the plot thickens. Clutched in her hand is a set of throwing knives. I think I know this girl, yes I’m fairly certain I went to School with her as a teen, and i may have dated her sister. I must assume that my accidental swing spoiled her assassination plot. I took her knives and tossed them in a nearby pond and moved on.
There's farming to do, and my crops are more elves.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Im Like a pretty troll

Hello Group, My name is Majyst and Im like a pretty troll...

Or at least thats what Im told. Heka was talking to someone in another guild "choppie" whom i was guilded with in my 2nd guild. You see, Heka went and asked him if he remembered me. Apparently choppies says "Yeah, is he still a warden, hasnt that guy rerolled yet?" Ouch man, really, come on. Ohh, but it gets worse. Heka then trys to defend me saying something like "majyst is a good warden, possibley the best one the server." Then Choppies replies with, "Wardens are like trolls. He may be the prettiest, but hes still a troll"
Guess he forgot the part where we sieged his guild a few weeks ago and I killed him several times and everyone else in his guild.

Life as a Warden/ troll aint easy.

Long, Busy day

Long day full of adventure and various death. Started out mundane enough, a few DoD first boss farms, then off to kill the Hippo, then some more DoD. Then, the real fun. Someone goes and mentions IDK 50, they have a few quest there and then a couple others had quest there. We have done the place before, not much of a challenge really. The bosses die in less than ten seconds, trash simply falls over dead in our presence, easy stuff. Then we get to the last boss, and we apparently forgot we are supposed to stand in the lava like last time...I gotta say that was costly, 10 seconds into the fight Thynos is almost at 20% hps, then boom! Burn out-51k Group instant hit= party wipe. Many in the party ask WTF was that? That didnt happen last time...So, priest Soul Bonds and we go to town again and Boom! Burn out. SoB. So a fast google search reminds us to stand in the lava. 15 seconds later boss is dead and we loot a nice shiny useless purple Ice Longbow. Meh, At least we got the quest done. While waiting for people to get back from the second wipe i decided to take a few Screenshots.

Heres me and my "wife" Heka, yeah so we match, you got a problem with that? Talk to the Axe.
Here is Dezigirl, AKA my "lover". Just as tall as Heka back there but much better looking :)

Fun Stuff, so now its time to get some of our new Guildies Keyed for ZS/DL. Ive helped with this a half dozen times now and that Boss gets easier every time. So, we drop the boss and the lovely and famous Spiral Opens a portal for us to go finish the quest...Only, ITS A TRAP.

Yeah, she portaled us under the world, the devious girl. I’ve cropped the picture a bit, but above the blackness  over the horizon is actually a pretty nice looking orange sunset.
She fortunately portals us on to the NPC and everyone finishes getting keyed. This leads us to later in the night after siege when we decide to do ZS. Now, we have done the first couple bosses once, so we thought we would do it again. Went better than last time, but had some crashing issues and "Happy hour" was starting so we did first boss and moved on. Ohh, what is Happy hours? Well, after 1 am the Daily quest start resetting over and over and everyone rushes to go get as many done as possible, I just call that happy Hour. I was tired so I logged, and now for some reason I find myself writing this post. Don’t I have a bed waiting for me somewhere?

My Guild, My Friends

Well, just posted my first post..yay? I just wanted to add another and talk a bit about My Guild "The Knights of Good" (KoG) and my friends.

Kog is actually my 3rd guild, most of my friends in KoG where all in another guild until things got wonky and we moved on. I moved on to an end game guild for a couple months, but got mocked a lot for being a warden so when that guild committed seppuku I decided to rejoin my friends who had taken over the defunct KoG and was trying to build it up as their own.

The Guild started with basically three people. Meditank the guild leader and Tank. Heka the guild Healer, and Ayden the guild...well he kills stuff. They struggled to build the guild for a few weeks before I joined them. They already had a dozen new people and as time moved on my other friends from my first guild started to join. Namely, Sharpear, and Spiral.
Side note, Spiral is a wonderful woman who has her own rather famous Blog Known as "Tales from Taborea". Thank you Spiral for the "inspiration" to right my own "Silly" blog :)

The Knights of Good has grown in leaps and bounds from in the past months. We have some very strong players, great personalities and we have a great time in Siege where we are usually either kicking ass or having ours kicked. Ill probably talk about siege a lot, its the best and worst feature of the game, but more on that some other time.

That’s it for now, i have some crafting waiting for me in game to finish (ohh, the excitement). By the way, yeah I’m a carpenter too...Useless class, useless craft, I’m screwed, lol. Thank god for lvl 60 recipes possibly making me more useful in 4 more lvls.

Hello, My Name is Majyst and I’m a Warden.

Hello, welcome to Wardens Anonymous, let me get this meeting started.

Hi, My Name is Majyst and I’m a Warden.
I Have been a Warden in this world of Taborea for almost 10 Months now. I know i shouldn’t, people look down on me for it, they don’t want to be around people like me, but i can not Help it. I am a Warden and I was born that way, I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.
Growing up in the lands of Elves i really had little choice of what i should be, our Culture really only has two roles to play distinct to being an elf, so I decided to over look the squishy Druid life style and carry a Big Axe instead.
I remember growing up now, and summoning my first pet born from our very own mother earth and being over joyed. All the other elves looked on in envy, but then one day I left my friendly Elven life and left for the Human city of Varanas. This is where i learned that Wardens are looked at as a disease that should be expunged from the world, i was told so many times that i would never make it big, that I should just "reroll" and end my life and come back as something useful. It was very sad, but i pushed on living my shunned life.
So, I went on many adventure, some I may one day share with you. One day I discovered the joy of swing the biggest, meanest two handed Axe I could find and thus began my life long journey of finding an even bigger axe.
So, that Brings me up to today, all grown up. This is the part where I stop writing purely in the story telling way and tell you about what I am in a more direct Terms. I am a Warden/ Mage, lvl 60/ 58 and possibly the deadliest one on the Osha server (out  of the 5 or so of us left anyway) I am ranked between 27-32 in strength for the server, and I carry a heartbreaker Axe. One day i hope to carry a great Tyda Axe and my journey of upgrades will finally be over.
This is my journey, from here I shall tell you of my days Leveling up as a Warden, not able to get groups because of what I am, and my life as a continue to play. I hope someone out there enjoys my thoughts, and this will help bring the shame of being a Warden to a little more understanding.