Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something worth saying

So, its been a while since i posted something. Been a slow week, and actually havent played RoM all that much this week, so i havent had anything worth saying. That is till last night. No big story today, no crazy adventures filled with death and dismemberment. No, today is all about me bragging, for today Majyst has over 40k HPs Unbuffed.
Yes, I know its not a huge event for many other end game classes, but for a Warden i think high HPs is a little harder with out sacraficing some serious DPS which I didnt. See, Wardens have to stat Stam, Str, and Wis, especcially warden/mage. which are huge mana eaters. Most classes such Warrior only have to stat Stam and str, or p attk which goes for all physical classes. So they are able to stack Stam and HPs more than a Warden. Whichs make me rather proud to finally crack that 40k mark :)

Now to show off my self buffed hps.

and the buffs i used to achieve this:
Here we see Hero potion, Grassland Mix, Absorbed oak dude, and the unseen buff from my trusty pet "Smellslikepoo". Im sure with some Rhinos blood and Priestly buffs i could get closer to 70k.

And if your curious, my over all stats:
Not too bad for a warden, huh?


  1. Freaking awesome, Maj! You're my hero. :)

  2. Stumbled across your page - it's nice that you show wardens some love! :]