Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Im Fabulous!

I admit, I like to change my cloths a lot, i mean a lot. I’ve bought every interesting costume in the game at some point. Aztec, Neon green clown suit, red bondage gear, the Wedding suit you've seen me in before, etc. So, when the guild decided to go do the Tempest heights event a couple days in a row I ended up with six of those Illusory Hair chest. The next day I was tanking DoD First boss when i hear one of our priest Baelzebub had been convinced by his wife to change his hair with one of these things and he ended up with flowing blue hair, I just couldn’t resist the urge to change my Hair too. So, with one click of the mouse I went from a vibrant set of red hair to spiky pink hair with 3 little pony tail things.
I just couldn’t Help myself, i had to go and change the color of my suit.
May I present, the Fabulous pink Majyst.

Many comments where then made in fun about my sexual orientation at this point. Thanks guild, now I’m afraid to leave the sewers and be seen in public like this. I'll change my hair a few times more over the next few days, then dye my suit to a more acceptable color. I’m thinking orange and green.
Now the question is, are you more shocked I would do this to my character, or that a Warden could ever Tank DoD?

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