Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello, My Name is Majyst and I’m a Warden.

Hello, welcome to Wardens Anonymous, let me get this meeting started.

Hi, My Name is Majyst and I’m a Warden.
I Have been a Warden in this world of Taborea for almost 10 Months now. I know i shouldn’t, people look down on me for it, they don’t want to be around people like me, but i can not Help it. I am a Warden and I was born that way, I shouldn’t be ashamed of it.
Growing up in the lands of Elves i really had little choice of what i should be, our Culture really only has two roles to play distinct to being an elf, so I decided to over look the squishy Druid life style and carry a Big Axe instead.
I remember growing up now, and summoning my first pet born from our very own mother earth and being over joyed. All the other elves looked on in envy, but then one day I left my friendly Elven life and left for the Human city of Varanas. This is where i learned that Wardens are looked at as a disease that should be expunged from the world, i was told so many times that i would never make it big, that I should just "reroll" and end my life and come back as something useful. It was very sad, but i pushed on living my shunned life.
So, I went on many adventure, some I may one day share with you. One day I discovered the joy of swing the biggest, meanest two handed Axe I could find and thus began my life long journey of finding an even bigger axe.
So, that Brings me up to today, all grown up. This is the part where I stop writing purely in the story telling way and tell you about what I am in a more direct Terms. I am a Warden/ Mage, lvl 60/ 58 and possibly the deadliest one on the Osha server (out  of the 5 or so of us left anyway) I am ranked between 27-32 in strength for the server, and I carry a heartbreaker Axe. One day i hope to carry a great Tyda Axe and my journey of upgrades will finally be over.
This is my journey, from here I shall tell you of my days Leveling up as a Warden, not able to get groups because of what I am, and my life as a continue to play. I hope someone out there enjoys my thoughts, and this will help bring the shame of being a Warden to a little more understanding.

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  1. I'm so very excited to be reading your blog, Maj!
    And never be ashamd of who you are. Take from me...I don't even know if there ARE any other level 60 Mage/Rogues out there. I've never seen one.
    You and I can be misunderstood together. :)