Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Im Like a pretty troll

Hello Group, My name is Majyst and Im like a pretty troll...

Or at least thats what Im told. Heka was talking to someone in another guild "choppie" whom i was guilded with in my 2nd guild. You see, Heka went and asked him if he remembered me. Apparently choppies says "Yeah, is he still a warden, hasnt that guy rerolled yet?" Ouch man, really, come on. Ohh, but it gets worse. Heka then trys to defend me saying something like "majyst is a good warden, possibley the best one the server." Then Choppies replies with, "Wardens are like trolls. He may be the prettiest, but hes still a troll"
Guess he forgot the part where we sieged his guild a few weeks ago and I killed him several times and everyone else in his guild.

Life as a Warden/ troll aint easy.

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