Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long, Busy day

Long day full of adventure and various death. Started out mundane enough, a few DoD first boss farms, then off to kill the Hippo, then some more DoD. Then, the real fun. Someone goes and mentions IDK 50, they have a few quest there and then a couple others had quest there. We have done the place before, not much of a challenge really. The bosses die in less than ten seconds, trash simply falls over dead in our presence, easy stuff. Then we get to the last boss, and we apparently forgot we are supposed to stand in the lava like last time...I gotta say that was costly, 10 seconds into the fight Thynos is almost at 20% hps, then boom! Burn out-51k Group instant hit= party wipe. Many in the party ask WTF was that? That didnt happen last time...So, priest Soul Bonds and we go to town again and Boom! Burn out. SoB. So a fast google search reminds us to stand in the lava. 15 seconds later boss is dead and we loot a nice shiny useless purple Ice Longbow. Meh, At least we got the quest done. While waiting for people to get back from the second wipe i decided to take a few Screenshots.

Heres me and my "wife" Heka, yeah so we match, you got a problem with that? Talk to the Axe.
Here is Dezigirl, AKA my "lover". Just as tall as Heka back there but much better looking :)

Fun Stuff, so now its time to get some of our new Guildies Keyed for ZS/DL. Ive helped with this a half dozen times now and that Boss gets easier every time. So, we drop the boss and the lovely and famous Spiral Opens a portal for us to go finish the quest...Only, ITS A TRAP.

Yeah, she portaled us under the world, the devious girl. I’ve cropped the picture a bit, but above the blackness  over the horizon is actually a pretty nice looking orange sunset.
She fortunately portals us on to the NPC and everyone finishes getting keyed. This leads us to later in the night after siege when we decide to do ZS. Now, we have done the first couple bosses once, so we thought we would do it again. Went better than last time, but had some crashing issues and "Happy hour" was starting so we did first boss and moved on. Ohh, what is Happy hours? Well, after 1 am the Daily quest start resetting over and over and everyone rushes to go get as many done as possible, I just call that happy Hour. I was tired so I logged, and now for some reason I find myself writing this post. Don’t I have a bed waiting for me somewhere?

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  1. It amazes me how much trouble you can get into in one day! :)