Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Guild, My Friends

Well, just posted my first post..yay? I just wanted to add another and talk a bit about My Guild "The Knights of Good" (KoG) and my friends.

Kog is actually my 3rd guild, most of my friends in KoG where all in another guild until things got wonky and we moved on. I moved on to an end game guild for a couple months, but got mocked a lot for being a warden so when that guild committed seppuku I decided to rejoin my friends who had taken over the defunct KoG and was trying to build it up as their own.

The Guild started with basically three people. Meditank the guild leader and Tank. Heka the guild Healer, and Ayden the guild...well he kills stuff. They struggled to build the guild for a few weeks before I joined them. They already had a dozen new people and as time moved on my other friends from my first guild started to join. Namely, Sharpear, and Spiral.
Side note, Spiral is a wonderful woman who has her own rather famous Blog Known as "Tales from Taborea". Thank you Spiral for the "inspiration" to right my own "Silly" blog :)

The Knights of Good has grown in leaps and bounds from in the past months. We have some very strong players, great personalities and we have a great time in Siege where we are usually either kicking ass or having ours kicked. Ill probably talk about siege a lot, its the best and worst feature of the game, but more on that some other time.

That’s it for now, i have some crafting waiting for me in game to finish (ohh, the excitement). By the way, yeah I’m a carpenter too...Useless class, useless craft, I’m screwed, lol. Thank god for lvl 60 recipes possibly making me more useful in 4 more lvls.

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